Hye Yeon Nam


Work in Progress

My experience living in Louisiana has strengthened the theme towards racial discrimination. However, my work’s purpose is to raise discussions, not to remain in frustration. My proposed installation, Invisible, explores the political implications of how freely racial discrimination is expressed on online platforms, where these discriminations can easily be hidden. At the same time, it is not limited to representing discrimination, but also revealing a lack of conversation. Invisible is a sculptural installation that incorporates Arduino microcontrollers, motors, and Raspberry Pi to receive data from online platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and blogs. Invisible prints sentences that include any derogatory racial term representing discrimination of African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Caucasians on colored papers from four printers. The installation prints sentences every 10-20 seconds while visible fist sculptures imitate hitting the insults to the ground. After the sentences are printed, the papers pile on ground. As the falling papers pile higher and higher, and audience members can pick up the papers to read or take. I hope the use of digital technology in Invisible evokes understanding and a discussion of the current racial discrimination issues.

In Invisible, I do not intend to draw on racial stereotypes; I hope to initiate discussions on sensitive racial issues for awareness rather than create another presentation for those who express hatred.

(optional) The terms are erased and replaced with the underbar symbol (_ _ _ _ _) on the papers to induce the audience’s projections. The audience predicts the hidden words completing the sentences in the hateful context.